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 狗狗零食任選2包折扣122元 + 免運


🔺 狗狗零食【任選2包折扣122元 + 再享免運】

🔺 限時搶購1/29 - 2/12 👉

🍗 大包裝150G

🍗 火雞肉筋│雞肉絲│雞肉圈│芝麻雞小胸肉條

🍗 煙燻雞肉絲│雞肉捲牛奶骨│雞小胸肉捲牛皮


🍗 日常訓連獎賞、餐間營養、遊玩必備

🍗 GMP大廠製造,使用CAS溫體雞肉

 9/13 - 9/19歡慶新品 - 抽出20包和風寵物零食


活動日期:9/13 凌晨12:00,完成步驟ABC,於9/20下午15:00 我們將抽出14名毛主人,施力普不囉嗦大方送! 活動連結按此


步驟A → 對台灣施力普FB粉絲專頁按讚

步驟B → 底下留言說出:我想要和風寵物零食 + 標記兩位好友

步驟C →  分享活動貼文並設定為公開







2018年台灣施力普開始轉往生活型態經營,意識到寵物已經越來越被視為家庭成員,寵物在家庭中的角色越來越重要8月份開始與台灣前五大知名寵物零食製造商 - 和風寵物有限公司進行電商合作,成為和風品牌線上獨家販售寵物零食業者


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2018施力普榮獲 - 金尖獎







Smart Music Pillow

Sleepaid has a new product line – smart bedding product, and has released its first item – smart music pillow, in annually International Famous Furniture Fair. 


This smart music pillow was designed to fit human spine. The core material is Sleepaid hydrophilic cotton foam, which is softer than normal memory foam, yet still has good support for user. The built-in sleep-aid music contains binaural beats, which was designed to help users to fall asleep. 


This smart music pillow is the first step of Sleepaid to get in the smart bedding product market. We are looking for a bright future with our new smart product line.

Sleepaid won the “Golden Wing Award of Outstand Display Design Award” 

On March 17,2017,the company won the “Golden Wing Award of Outstand Display Design Award” on The 37th International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan).


The company brings its all new and unique ideals of Five Sensory Sleeping Philosophies that integrate the essence of Chinese and Western traditional culture, which is well mix Tea Ceremony and Incense Lore to the traditional bedding.     


The displays perfectly detailed Tactile sensation, Hearing, Vision, Smell and Taste to the space design and offered a comfortable life space. What’s more, the unprecedented comfort can also help experiencers to achieve “ten minutes fast sleeping”.

New channel new product new thinking!  Sleep Aid Phase III Infant Stereotype Pillow

In the current business atmosphere, everyone are actively seeking for change and innovation. Only by change and innovation will we stay ahead constantly. Sleep Aid is similarly making unremitting efforts for creation. In the just finished crowd funding, Sleep Aid has presented three reforms in its brand like seeking for new channel, new product and new thinking to the public.

【New Channel】,【New Product】,【New Thinking】

In its early days, Sleep Aid chooses to take an unusual path and put forth efforts in expanding channel layout besides furniture. Depending on online e-commerce channel, Sleep Aid has also emphasized to break through infant & mom home furnishings in this crowd funding, which is because sleep has not only bothered a wide range of adult users, and is also significant to growth of infants and juveniles. At the beginning of this year, it has put forward role change to comprehensive sleep service supplier and will develop into service provider from product seller.